Home Maintenance and Essentials

Home ownership can be the most rewarding and laborious of endevors someone can take on but Better Homes with Brad Horn is here to help. Going above and beyond just a landscaper and handyman we aim to bare the burden of maintenance and repairs around the house allowing you to enjoy your home and weekends with your family rather than spend it working around the house and on projects.

Having remodeled his own home and updated several others Brad knows first hand the evolution of a home project to something that could quickly lead to needing assistance and we are here to help. Do it yourself with our help or turn it over to us all together and relax while we get it done.

We especially aim to assist the elderly community allowing them to avoid prematurely incurring the cost of assisted living. With a flexible payment structure we can charge on a per service basis or work out monthly payments for a package of services.  

We offer a variety of services including but not nearly limited to:

  -Gutter Cleaning                                            - Pressure washing                                 - Spring Cleaning 

 - Leaf Removal                                                - Junk removal                                       - Light bulb replacement

- Winter preparations