Home Energy Audtis 

Existing homes can benefit just as much if not more from energy testing compared to new homes. There are several relatively non-invasive ways to improve your existing homes efficiency but first it may be necessary to conduct an energy audit to know where to start. Through the use of a blower door test to measure air leakage and an infared camera to detect temperature differences we can tell you more about your home than you may know yourself. Of course no audit will be completed without taking a look in your attic, crawl space or whatever nook or cranny we can visually inspect because sometimes even with all our tools nothing beats are experienced and well trained eyes. 

Trouble Shooting

In some cases an audit of your entire home may not be necessary. Many times the homeowner already has a problem in particular they simply need a cause and/or solution to. Whether it be a cold or drafty room, leaky duct work, a particularly cold floor, a humid or wet basement or crawl space or whatever the case may be Better Homes with Brad Horn will help you find the cause and hopefully the solution.







Contact Brad for more information about his easy and convenient energy audit to help the do-it-yourselfer.